The Ultimate Guide to Horse Racing Betting Sites Online

If you like to place horse racing bets then it is vital that you choose a bookmaker who gives you the best deal, or you could be missing out on great price boosts and offers that will give you more profit. By changing where you bet, and nothing else, you can make more money from your horse racing betting and that is what everyone is looking for horse racing odds today.

Many bookmakers now give their customers great offers, from price boosts to extra places on each way bets and best odds guaranteed. All of these can give you more profit, and it is time for you to change your bookmaker and start taking advantage of the offers that are available, just like many other people are doing. This is the ultimate UK horse racing betting guide. Let's get started!

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Top Rated Racebooks Comparison: Best Horse Betting Sites
Promotions for £50 Free Bet
There are many promotions on the Ladbrokes betting site for horse racing punters and these will all help your betting become more profitable. You can use these offers to get a great deal when you bet with Ladbrokes, and pick yourself up some extra profit when you win. read more
Open Account Offer up to £100
Bet365 gives customers the best odds guaranteed promotion on every horse race from UK & Ireland. If you take the early morning price, and the starting price of the horse is bigger then Bet365 will pay you out at the biggest price. read more
Bet £10, Get £60
If you are one of many people who likes to bet on horse racing each way then you really need to take a look at the offers available with Betfred. read more
William Hill
Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets!
If you are looking for a bookmaker that gives you the opportunity to watch your horse racing selections and also gives you a great offer on your bets then look at William Hill. read more

Finding the Right Online Racebook for You: Horse Racing Betting Guide

When you are choosing a new betting website for horse racing it is important that you choose one that suits your needs. All horse racing betting sites offer something different, so take your time and select the one that is right for you, and what your betting needs are Mr. Bet.

The first and most important thing to look for is a bookmaker that has a very good reputation as far as safety is concerned. Go with a well-established bookmaker, one that is correctly licensed and one that you feel safe using. This is not something you should risk, only bet with someone you are happy with and someone who can prove their safety to you.

Horse Racing Betting Sites Online Horse Racing Betting Sites Online

The second thing to look for when it comes to horse betting sites is that you can take advantage of good prices and promotions with your new bookmaker. The reason you are signing up with them is to make yourself the best possible profit from your horse racing betting, and the two things you need to do that are the best prices and the best offers.

When you find a bookmaker that offers you these good prices and offers, make sure they offer them on a wide range of betting markets. You should always be able to place at least the same bets as you can now when you move bookmakers, if possible move to one that offers even more betting opportunities so that you can take advantage of them.

It is also important to find a bookmaker that offers multiple banking options, and many different ones that you have heard of before and feel comfortable using. You should always feel safe depositing money with your bookmaker, so make sure you trust how you are getting the money into your account.

The last thing to check over when it comes to horse racing betting online is to make sure the bookmaker has clearly written guidelines about their rules, so you fully understand everything if you have a dispute. This will hopefully never happen, and you will never have any problems, but it is always advisable to make yourself familiar with the rules and regulations on the website before you start to place your bets.

Best Bookies for Online Horse betting: Horse Racing Betting Promotions

In the following part of the article, we are going to delve deep into offers provided by great bookies out there. We are going to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to succeed, and we are going to do this in a calculated manner. All bookmakers are treated equally, so let's go ahead and see.

Best Odds Guaranteed With Coral On Every Single Horse Race From UK & Ireland

horse racing betting online

When you are looking for a bookmaker that has great offers on, one offer to look at and take advantage of is the best odds guaranteed offer. One bookmaker that offers this is Coral, they give their punters the cushion of getting the best odds guaranteed on all UK & Irish horse racing.

By taking advantage of the best odds guaranteed offer, you can make yourself more profit without actually changing how you bet, so it makes sense to take advantage. What Coral are offering you is the best odds on a winner, either the morning price you take when you place your bet, or the SP, whichever is greater. To see just how much difference that can make to your profit look at the example below.

Place a £10 bet without best odds guaranteed on a horse at 3/1. Regardless of the SP, you will be paid out £40 if the horse wins.

Place a £10 bet with best odds guaranteed on a horse at 3/1. This horse wins with an SP of 5/1, and because you have the best odds guaranteed offer you get paid out at the SP, giving you a £60 pay out.

Without changing your bet, or your stake, you are making an additional £20 of profit just by placing the bet with Coral who will give you the best odds guaranteed offer.

The other offer that Coral have on is that they will allow you to watch the horse race that you have placed a bet on. They show every single UK & Irish horse race and if you place a qualifying bet on the race, you can watch the race live on their website. This gives you added excitement, there is nothing better than watching your horse come home in front as you cheer them on.

Online Horse Betting: Use Betfred To Take Advantage Of Extra Places On Selected Races Each Day

 Betfred horse racing betting

This may be them paying out on four places instead of three, which is a huge difference, especially if you are the person backing the horse who finishes in fourth place.

Elsewhere this bet would be a loser, but not with Betfred, you would have a winning bet.

If you place many each way bets then this offer will pay dividends for you at some point, giving you a winning bet that would be a loser had you placed it with your current bookmaker who does not offer this. This will mean more profit in the long run, and that is what we are all looking for so make sure you head over to Betfred and start taking advantage.

On top of offering you enhanced place terms, you can also use Betfred to take advantage of the best odds guaranteed promotion. This means you will get the best odds every time you take the morning price with them, so make sure you do just that. If you take 10/1 on a horse that you back each way in a race with enhanced place terms and it comes fourth at 16/1 then you will win twice. Not only will you be paid out at 16/1 because of the best odds guaranteed offer, but you will also be paid out when other bookmakers wouldn’t have paid out on your selection coming fourth. When you think of this, it makes sense to bet with Betfred and take advantage of their offers. Betfred actually boasts one of the best horse racing betting promotions out there.

Use Betfair To Get The Best Odds And Betting Offers On Horse Racing

 Betfair horse racing betting

When you place your bets with Betfair you can take advantage of two offers they have in place for their customers. These offers are on horse racing, and both will enhance your experience, one can give you more profit on your bets, and the other allows you to watch live horse racing, adding to your experience with them.

Betfair offer customers the best odds guaranteed offer and this will put the odds in your favour. Simply take the morning price when you place a bet, and you will be paid out at the biggest price, either that or the SP. By Betfair agreeing to do this, you can take advantage of the big price and earn more profit off your betting, without changing anything. This will make you a more profitable punter, and you can take the morning prices without fear of losing out should the price change after you have placed your bet.

To see just how profitable using the best odds guaranteed offer can be, take a look below.

Bet of £10 at 5/1 with no best odds guaranteed gives a pay out of £60 regardless of the SP.

Bet of £10 at 5/1 with the best odds guaranteed offer, and the horse returns at the SP of 8/1 gives a pay out of £90, and £40 additional profit. You have not changed your bet here, you have just changed your bookmaker to take advantage of a great offer.

The second offer you can take advantage of with Betfair is that you can watch all live UK & Irish horse racing on their website. To give you the best experience with them, if you place a qualifying bet with Betfair you can watch that race live on their website, which is a great feature and allows you to cheer home your horses.

Bet With Ladbrokes For Price Boosts And Extra Places

Ladbrokes horse racing betting

Those who like to place each way bets on horse racing will be able to take advantage of a great offer from Ladbrokes. On selected races they will offer enhanced place terms every single day, this can be paying out an additional place, or paying out at 1/4 odds instead of 1/5 on races. If it is an extra place then you may have a winner that other bookmakers would not pay out, or if it is the enhanced place terms then you will receive additional profit if your horse places that you wouldn’t elsewhere.

Ladbrokes also have another offer that you can take advantage of and that is a price boost offer on selected horses each day. With this offer, Ladbrokes enhance the price of a horse for a period of time to give punters an even bigger price. It Is worth looking at, because if they enhance a horse you was going to back, then you have the chance to gain some extra profit by backing the horse with Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes also offer best odds guaranteed, which means you will get the biggest price on your bet, either the early morning price you take, or the SP, whichever is the greatest. When you combine all the different offers together, Ladbrokes have a lot to offer punters and especially for those who like to bet each way, so make sure you look at what they have.

Get The Best Odds On Horse Racing With Betway

 Betway horse racing betting

The best odds guaranteed offer is the best offer to take advantage of when placing your horse racing bets, and Betway offer it to their customers. This offer will enhance your profit, which is what we are all looking for, and it will do that without you needing to change how you bet.

This offer puts the odds in your favour and helps you win money that you wouldn’t normally be entitled to with other bookmakers. To get this additional pay out you need to use Betway and take advantage of their best odds guaranteed offer. When you do this, you take advantage of Betway paying out at either the morning price you take, or the starting price, whichever is the best. This means if you horse drifts in the betting, and returns a bigger price that what you took when placing your bet, you will not lose out, you will still be paid the big price.

Without changing how you bet, just by moving to Betway, you can enhance your betting profit on your horse racing bets.

The one thing you need to do when placing your bets with Betway is make sure you always take the morning price. If for example you take the price of 4/1 on your horse, and it wins at 6/1, then even though you took 4/1 you will be paid out at 6/1. This wouldn’t be the case with some other bookmakers, and by using them instead of Betway, you are denying yourself additional profit.

Taking the best odds guaranteed offer from Betway is a sure way to enhance your betting profit, and the more profit you make the better you will feel about your betting. You don’t have to change anything else, just change your bookmaker and you will begin to reap the rewards straight away.

Get The Best Odds And Watch Live Horse Racing With William Hill

 William Hill horse racing betting

William Hill allow you to watch every horse racing from the UK & Ireland providing you have placed a bet in the race, and also give you the best odds guaranteed offer, which will enhance your betting profit.

The big offer with William Hill is the best odds guaranteed offer and this is going to increase your betting profit if you do not currently take advantage of the offer. If that is you, then it is time to change who you bet with, because you are missing out on additional profit.

When you bet with William Hill and they give you the best odds guaranteed promotion it is important that you take the early morning price with them. If your selection wins, you will be given the best odds, either the early morning price or the

When you place your bet and take the morning price, simply wait and see if your selection wins, you do not have to worry about the price anymore. Should you horse shorten in price then you are happy with the morning price you have, and you will make the best amount of profit you possibly can. However, if your horse finishes a bigger price then you have the safety net of the best odds guaranteed price, so you will get the bigger SP when you win.

To add even more excitement to your betting, William Hill also offers you the chance to watch your selections run live. You can watch any horse race from the UK & Ireland from your own sofa, providing you have placed a qualifying bet with them, so make sure you take advantage of this. This is why we added William Hill in our horse racing betting guide.

Bet With Unibet For Cheltenham Festival Profit Boosts

 Unibet horse racing betting

The excitement is already building towards the Cheltenham Festival and one bookmaker who is joining in the fun is Unibet. They are proud to sponsor the Champion Hurdle and they are giving out huge price boosts on the major hurdle races in the lead up to their race at the festival.

These price boosts give you the potential to win extra profit when you bet on the big races they are covering, so make sure to take a look.

To qualify and take advantage of this, you have to opt in, so make sure you log in to your account with Unibet and you do that before the races come around. After you have opted in to the offer, simply place a bet on the race, and hopefully watch your selection come home in front. If you win then you will be given a 10% profit boost on your winnings, which is something you will not get elsewhere.

These big races are sure to attract a lot of betting interest, so make sure you take the best offer you possible can. The price boost offered by Unibet is likely to mean they are offering the best price available and the extra 10% can make a huge difference to your betting profit. This is what opening a Unibet account can do for you, so be sure to look into them if you intend to place a bet on the big hurdle races that are upcoming before the Champion Hurdle.

Bet With Stan James To Get The Best Odds

 Stan James horse racing betting

The one thing that all punters look for is offers that help them make the most amount of profit possible. Stan James have one offer running that can really make your betting more profitable and that is the best odds guaranteed offer. Basically, if the SP is bigger than the early price you have taken on your bet, Stan James will pay you out at the SP, giving you enhanced returns, despite you taking the morning price. If the SP is shorter than the morning price you take, you will be paid out the early price and still have taken the best bet.

When used to its full effect, if you have never used the best odds promotion before then you are going to see a huge increase in your betting profit. Just make sure you take the early price that is available on your horse, and then be prepared for an additional pay out if the SP is bigger than the price you have taken. All you need to change in your betting is your bookmaker, you don’t need to change anything else and you will see an increase in your profit.

This offer from Stan James is a great one and one that you should be taking advantage of. Make sure to take the morning prices that are available every single time you place a bet. This way, you have a guaranteed minimum return on your bet if you win, and you also know that should the horse drift in the betting and become a bigger price, you will get paid out at that bigger price.

Bet With 888Sport For A Free Bet If Beaten A Head Or Less Into 2nd

888Sport horse racing betting

One of the worst feelings in racing is seeing your horse beaten in a tight finish, if it is a photo finish then it can often feel even worse. However, using the bookmaker 888Sport, you can take advantage of a great consolation offer that they have on for those who bet horse racing with them, The offer won’t give you any profit, but it could give you a free bet for you to use with them, and you could turn that free bet into profit if you place it correctly.

This free bet will not only help you get over the upset you have about coming second, but it also gives you a great deal before you even start watching the race. Alongside that, you can also receive another great pre-race offer from 888Sport and that is the best odds guaranteed offer. This will pay you out at whichever price is the biggest, either the early price you take when placing your bet, or the starting price. This offer is one that gives you extra profit on your betting, and it will make you far more profitable over a long period of time, because you will be taking advantage of it regularly.

Those two offers are not all 888Sport have available, you can also watch live racing with them. They allow you to stream any live race from the UK & Ireland that you have placed a bet on, meaning you can get comfortable and watch your selections run from the comfort of your own home. 888Sport is one of the best betting websites for horse racing out there!

Just to recap, because there are three offers all together with 888Sport which is fantastic. You can receive a consolation free bet from them if your selection finishes second and loses by a head or less, you can get best odds guaranteed and you can also watch live UK & Irish racing.

Bet With Bet365 For The Best Odds And A Price Promise

 Bet365 horse racing betting

If you bet on horse racing with Bet365, you will be able to take advantage of two different promotions that they run. These promotions are the price promise offer they have on racing which is televised and best odds guaranteed which is available on every single UK & Irish horse racing. Bet365 offer legal horse betting online. Let's find more.

The Bet365 price promise is a fantastic promotion from them, that is eligible to races that are televised in the UK. With the price promise

Bet365 will offer the best price available on all horses in the race from 10am on the morning of the race. They check their biggest competitors and match what they have, so with this offer you are going to get the best price available from all the major bookmakers, without needing to have an account with every one of them. This offer not only gives you the best odds, but saves you opening numerous accounts just to get the best prices. Just make sure you take the morning price when you place your bets, and the rest is all done by Bet365, giving you additional profit on your betting when you get paid at the starting price.

Bet365 also offer you the chance to watch live racing on their website and you can watch any race where you have placed a qualifying bet with them. Alongside being able to place a bet and watch your selection run, you can also use Bet365 to look back through the archives, which will help you study the form of certain races and that could be a big help.

Since you were probably looking for horse racing betting explained in detail, let's check some more essential info.

How Does Horse Race Betting Work?

While many people will have been betting on horses for a very long time, some are newcomers to the sport and for those there are certain terms that can be difficult to get to grips with. Below are some of the common terms that are used in horse racing, with an explanation of what each one is and how to use it to the best of your ability. This will help you understand horse racing betting more, and that should make you a better gambler, which will hopefully mean more profit for you.

Starting price

You will have heard many people talk about the starting price of a horse and perhaps wondered what it is. This is the final price before the race begins, and if you have not taken a price on your bet then this is the price that your bet will be settled at. The starting price is known as the SP for short, so you may know it more commonly as that, and here that mentioned when you are watching live televised racing. When you see a horse racing result the placed horses will all have their starting prices at the side of them, so you will be able to see the starting prices that bets will be settled at.


The term favourite is something you will certainly have heard of before when you have been looking at horse races and the betting on those races. The favourite is the horse that is judged to have the best chance of winning the race by the bookmakers, and because of that the horse is the shortest price out of the entire field. Alongside having a favourite for the race, people will also talk about the second favourite in the race and as it suggests, this is the horse who is the second shortest price in the betting, the second most likely to win according to the bookmakers. Keeping in mind the name of the favourites is a great horse racing betting strategy.

Best odds guarantee

This is one of the most popular offers that the bookmakers will give you, and something you will have heard of. Basically, when taking advantage of this offer the first thing you need to do is make sure you take the early price every time you bet. Then with this offer, you are paid out at the biggest price, either the early price you have, or the starting price. This is a great offer and one that can make your betting far more profitable so make sure you look out for a bookmaker who offers this and look to take advantage where you can. You can also find it in horse racing betting apps!

Horse Racing Betting Strategy:
Disqualification, non-runners and rule 4

These three are real horse racing terms that you may have heard of, but may not fully understand what they mean.

You will sometimes hear that a horse has been disqualified, this is after a steward enquiry where they have deemed that the horse has had an unfair advantage over others in the race. This is usually when the horse has hampered another, and prevented them from winning the race.

A non-runner is a horse that has been declared to run in a race, but has since been withdrawn by the trainer. This could be for a number of things, from an injury, illness or simply the ground not being suitable for the horse to run on.

A rule 4 is something that happens to the early prices when a horse is taken out as a non-runner after betting has started. When that horse gets taken out, the other horses all have a better chance of winning the race, so a rule 4 is deducted to compensate for that.

horse racing best odds horse racing best odds

Tote and Totepool

The tote is a way to bet elsewhere away from the bookmakers and it is a pool of money that is divided up and the winnings are paid from that pool. The odds change right up until the off and you can’t take a price, you get what the final dividend is. Betting on the tote will sometimes give you better returns than with the bookmaker, but sometimes it will be worse and that is the risk you take.

Ante post betting

Ante post betting is betting on a big race well in advance of the race taking place. If you place a bet and the horse does not run then you do not get your money back on an ante post bet like you do when you back a normal non-runner, and this is important to remember. The big attraction of ante post betting is that you can get a much bigger price about a selection that on the day, and that is why many people bet ante post months before a race is scheduled to take place. Plus, ante post betting can help you a lot with horse racing betting tips.

Live in-play Horse Racing Betting Online

You can bet in-play on many sports and one of those is horse racing. Often horse races are over very quickly so betting in-play on them can be very difficult to do and if you are new to it then it often pays to not spend big stakes. The advantage of betting in-play is that you can see how a race is beginning to unfold before you place your bet, seeing how your horse has started and settled. The odds can change very quickly in-play so make sure you are quick to place your bet when you are ready. Keep in mind that you might need special horse racing betting systems for live in-play betting.

Best Horse Races in UK to Bet On

There are many fantastic horse races to bet on in the UK throughout the year, and in these races you will see the very best horses all take each other on.

The flat racing season runs from March to November and this all revolves around the five classics that take place throughout the season. These are five fantastic races to bet on, and in those races you will see the best three year old horses taking each other on. The first two classics take place in May and they are the 1000 Guineas and 2000 Guineas. These are ran over a mile, one for colts and one for fillies, keeping the boys and girls separate and crowning a winner for each one. Then in July we have the Derby and the Oaks, these are over one and a half miles, and again the two sexes are kept separate, the Derby is for colt and the Oaks is for fillies. The final classic of the season is the St Leger, ran over the testing distance of one mile and six furlongs, and this classic is open to both sexes.

uk horse racing betting sites uk horse racing betting sites

Aside from the five classics, the Royal Ascot meeting in June is another flat season highlight and here you will see five exceptional days of racing. The best horses all clash here, from two year old sprinters to older staying horses tackling marathon trips. Horses from all over the world head to Ascot to take part at the Royal Ascot meeting.

The flat racing season begins in October and finishes in April so there is a small overlap between the jump and flat seasons. When it comes to jumps there is one week that takes centre stage and that is the Cheltenham Festival. From Tuesday to Friday we have four days of excellent racing and every top horse will have their season planned around the festival. We see all the top horses head to the festival from the UK and Ireland, taking each other on in many top class races. This is the centrepiece of the jumps racing season and the most important week of the year for many punters.

Elsewhere, the biggest individual race of the jumps season is the Grand National. Millions of people bet on this race every year and it is a huge spectacle, with enormous fences and a huge field, there is always plenty of drama in the race. This is the one race where people will place a bet who do not normally bet at all, such is the interest in the race.

All in all, now you have a list will all the best horse racing betting sites. Use it wisely and start winning!